Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fine Homebrewed T-shirts

I don't wear too many different shirts. And many of the shirts I wear on a regular basis are brewery shirts. This isn't a bad thing, but then I thought one day -->> "I try to brew and drink my own beer most of the time, and I prefer my own beer to most others, so why am I wearing others' t-shirts?"

So, I am proud to introduce my own homebrewed t-shirts. I recently finished my first small run of branded t-shirts with the help of my friend Doug, who has a screen-printing setup. The mens shirts are printed on some uber-soft smoke-colored shirts and the womens are printed on brown relaxed-fit women's shirts (unfortunately, the shirts aren't as soft as the men's - I'll do better next time).

I currently have the following available: 2 women's medium, 1 men's medium, 3 men's large, and 1 men's XL.

These are available for the paltry sum of $10 (plus $3 if it needs shipping out of Nashville).

If you want one, shoot me an email (troy [at] and I can reserve one for you...

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