Sunday, February 15, 2009

An outdoor brew.

Yesterday I brewed a batch of beer outside for the first time, and now I see why so many people choose to go this way.  Using an outside propane cooker, I was able to heat water and boil wort much faster and consistently.  It was even more of a pleasure to brew this way.

This batch was mostly a repeat of batch 13, my Daily Bitter, that I brewed back in November.  That one turned out really well and I would like to keep that beer on tap prettymuch all the time.  I used the same grain bill as in November (Maris Otter with some Victory, Crystal 60, and Carapils malts) but I modified the hops this time.  Last time was Magnum and Challenger.  This time was a couple of ounces of some Goldings (a traditional English bitter hop) for bittering with some glacier for bittering/aroma.  Before pitching my yeast, my hydrometer reading was almost identical to that of the first time I brewed this beer (which I would say is a good thing).

I think more outdoor brewing could be in my future.

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