Thursday, November 6, 2008

Daily Bitter

Today I am brewing again after a couple months. I am thinking that by the time this one has conditioned, I should have some room in my fridge for it.

This is my first all-grain recipe for what is designed to be an ESB-style beer. This happens to be my favorite style these days which I would be happy to grab on a daily basis to drink... hence the name "Daily Bitter". I have brewed beers in the past that I called ESB's (or TSB's), but my previous brews were extract brews, which limited the ingredient options drastically. This one is different. My primary grain is Maris Otter, one of the quintessential malts used to brew the special bitters that represent the style. Additionally, I am using high-alpha Magnum hops for bittering and some smooth Challenger Hops for added aroma. I look forward to drinking this one.

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